Guest Post: Dorothy Dreyer

Hello everyone!

Today is a special blog post and I’m ridiculously excited about it.

A few authors from my publisher, Snowy Wings Publishing, were invited by another publishing collective to participate in an eBook sale. From January 26th – February 1st, Sere from the Green is one of the eBooks that will be available for 99 cents.

Another simply phenomenal eBook that will be available for 99 cents: Dorothy Dreyer’s fantastic YA novel Phoenix Descending. Today, I’m featuring an excerpt from the book.

So, without further ado …

PD Cover smaller

WRENA APPLIED A SMEAR of pink tint to her lips. It was a gift from Lady Tori, who delivered on her promise to make some simple supplies for her and the ladies-in-waiting.

She could almost tell by the sound of the footsteps in the corridor that Aurora was near. With a small grin, she jumped from her chair and ran to the door to open it. Just as she had suspected, Aurora ran toward her. But taking in the expression on Aurora’s face, Wrena’s grin disappeared.

“What is it?” Wrena asked, pulling Aurora into her room and closing the door.

Aurora’s eyes were wide, the color drained from her face. “It’s Patrick. Rudy’s lover. He was found hung in the dungeon.”

Wrena dropped Aurora’s wrists, her hands flying to her face. “Someone killed him?”

“No. He was alone in his cell. It appears he hung himself.”

They stared at each other, the news and its connection to them sinking in. Aurora closed the space between them and wrapped her arms around Wrena. Wrena squeezed her tightly against her, not wanting to let go. How could this feeling between them lead to something as sinister as death? How could such sadness and grief come from something so wonderful and uplifting as love?

Slowly, they parted, sorrow still apparent on both of their faces.

“Your lips look pink,” Aurora said.

Wrena placed her fingertips on her bottom lip. “It was a tint from Lady Tori. Does it make me look foolish?”

The hint of a smile appeared on Aurora’s face. “No. You look lovely, as always.”

“Do we really have to attend the Solstice feast?”

“There will be talk if we don’t.” Aurora shrugged. “Besides, according to legend, if you don’t show the Divine Mother your appreciation for the Solstice, ruin shall follow.”

“Stupid legend.”

“You don’t believe it’s true?”

Wrena let out a breath of defeat. “I believe ruin has already begun.”

Aurora let her weight fall into a chair, her brows knitted. “What is happening with your aunt?”

“I do not know. She has changed.”

“Beheading people for minor crimes? Dropping people into the Rift? That’s beyond cruel.”

“I can’t even imagine how she came up with the punishment. It’s inhumane.”

“Not to mention punishing innocent people. Those girls did nothing wrong.”

“I know.” Wrena closed her eyes and shook her head. “It’s horrible.”

“Can’t you speak to her?”

“And say what?”

Aurora stood and stepped toward her, joining their hands. “Fight for us, Wrena. Fight for the people.”

“I’m afraid my pleas would fall on deaf ears. She won’t hear me out. I can’t even talk to her about the real reason I don’t want to marry Prince Liam.”

They were quiet for a moment, each of them pondering their fate.

“Perhaps we should run away,” Wrena suggested. “We could go to stay with my uncle, Prince Rainer, in Creoca. He would take us in, give us sanctuary.”

Aurora blinked, letting out a laugh of disbelief. “Creoca? It’s always cold there.”

“Aurora.” Wrena knew she was simply trying to avoid the subject of escaping Avarell.

“I don’t know if I could.” She turned and toyed with the ends of her hair. “I can’t leave Father. And Bram. Besides, you are to rule here. What happens if you go to Creoca? Will you lose your claim to the throne?”

Wrena took Aurora’s hands from her hair. “Alliances change. But my heart hasn’t. It is with you.”

“Leaving wouldn’t change things, though, Wrena. Things will keep getting worse here. You are the only one who has even a hope of talking some sense into your aunt. If only your mother—”

Silence filled the room. They knew better than to rely on the possibility that the Queen would recover from her illness.

Still, Wrena didn’t have it in her to give up. “My aunt says she’s doing everything she can to find a cure for her. She’s employed the very best apothecaries from around the world.”

“I’ve seen them. Once in a while. But not very often. They’re in and out of the castle so quickly no one would realize they’d been here.”

“They travel from great distances. I pray one of them will be able to cure her. She might be our only hope.” She moved her hand to stroke Aurora’s cheek, but then stopped short, a troubling thought suddenly coming to her. “Wait. You said Patrick hung himself?”


“Where did he get the rope?”

Aurora shook her head, her brows lowered. “I do not know. I can’t imagine anyone would have given it to him. Only the guards had access to the cell.”

“Not only guards. So did Duke Grunmire.”


Who must she become in order to survive?

Since the outbreak of the phoenix fever in Drothidia, Tori Kagari has already lost one family member to the fatal disease. Now, with the fever threatening to wipe out her entire family, she must go against everything she believes in order to save them—even if that means making a deal with the enemy.

When Tori agrees to join forces with the unscrupulous Khadulians, she must take on a false identity in order to infiltrate the queendom of Avarell and fulfill her part of the bargain, all while under the watchful eye of the unforgiving Queen’s Guard. But time is running out, and every lie, theft, and abduction she is forced to carry out may not be enough to free her family or herself from death.

I cannot wait to read this book and highly recommend readers go out and pick up a copy. Dorothy is a fantastic writer and I’m ridiculously excited to read this book 🙂

Thanks, everyone!

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A New Place to Buy My Books

Hello all!

Just a short marketing/book update. I can now accept PayPal thanks to my publishing collective, meaning international readers can purchase signed copies of my paperbacks.

Snowy Wings Publishing has a small online shop up and running. My novels are now listed at the following links:

Sere from the Green
Through Storm and Night
From the Ashes
Haunted by the Keres
The Dwelling of Ekhidna

I’ve also listed those links on each novel’s page on this site.

I’m ridiculously happy about this because I have been trying to figure out how to accept PayPal payments for a while now. I’ve been really limited in sales as a result, but now everyone has access to my series.

Thanks everybody!

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Brand New Book Trailer

Hi everyone!

I recently commissioned a phenomenal filmmaker who I interviewed for my other site (Asexual Artists) some time ago to make a book trailer for Sere from the Green. Her name is Britty Lea and she’s incredibly talented. She definitely delivered with this book trailer, which is freaking phenomenal:

Seriously, how cool is that!? I could not be happier with how it came out and I cannot wait to commission more.

If you’re interested in commissioning Britty (or checking out her work), I highly recommend looking at her personal site and Facebook page. Britty is also part of the Pocket Podcast Network, which has a number of really funny and quality podcasts.

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EBook Preorders

Hello all!

I am still hard at work on the reboot of The Shape Shifter Chronicles and it is going really, really well. Recently, I decided to switch my eBooks over to Pronoun (I was using Kindle Direct and Smashwords). Pronoun is a wonderful site and offers links to Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Kobo.

My Pronoun author page can be found here:

I already set up a page for Dwelling of Ekhidna as well.

It also allows me to set up pre-orders for upcoming new releases. So my friend, Lyssa Chiavari, has been setting up pages for the reboot. There are already pages for the first two books and the links for Sere from the Green are already live.

Through Storm and Night is up and the links will be going live over the next couple of days.

I do hope you’ll give it a look and pick up a copy. I’m very happy with how this series reboot is shaping up (it’s the story I wanted to tell from the beginning) and I hope readers will be equally pleased.

Thank you!

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Interview with Hypable

I was at Indy PopCon over the weekend (one of my favorite cons. It’s held in Indianapolis and is a really great, laid back sort of con). While there, I was given the opportunity to participate in an impromptu book podcast with Hypable Books, which was just posted.

The interview was a lot of fun to do and my best friend was there, which made it even more special. I have had a trying few months (very, very long story that I’ll probably write about eventually), so I was rather nervous about doing an interview. Thankfully, the hosts were amazing and the experience was incredibly fun. I’m glad I did it 🙂

Reboot is still planned for a Halloween release.

Thanks, everybody! ❤

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Series Reboot Cover Reveal

I am so excited right now. When I started writing, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have covers like the ones Najla Qamber designed for the series reboot. I still can’t believe how amazingly beautiful they are. It’s not often a person is able to work with such a talented artist and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been referred to her. Najla Qamber (of Najla Qamber Designs) has brought the Four to life with these gorgeous covers. 😀

So, without further ado . . .



“Sere from the Green”

Sere from the Green

There is a race that lives among humans, unbeknownst to them, called shape shifters, those that can shift from human to animal at will. Many protect the innocent on Earth and act as the eyes and ears of the guardians, divine beings similar to gods in ancient myths.

Isis is a woman who lives a normal life until the day she photographs a murder scene for her job. When the body disappears from her photographs, Isis is determined to solve the mystery. Her investigation uncovers answers about her own past and sets her on a journey that will change her life forever.


“Through Storm and Night”

Through Storm and Night

The Meadows is home to the guardians, a race of beings similar to the deities in ancient mythology. They watch over the Earth from their serene lands, keeping everything in check. For millennia, it has been peaceful. However, in the beginning, there was a great war. A war with Chaos, a war that is still remembered in the legends of the guardians and shape shifters.

Months have passed since Isis’, a shape shifter/guardian hybrid and member of the prophesied Four, narrow escape from the Obsidian Manor. The Four still haven’t found answers about the mysterious Coop and their search for the Key has yielded nothing but more questions. When an old alliance is reforged, the Four are thrown into another mystery. Who are the strange shape shifters known only as the “glowing-eyes” and what is their connection to the odd symbol and vanishing bodies?


“From the Ashes”

From the Ashes

An urban legend has begun to spread among shape shifters. It tells of a mysterious woman who stalks the night, hunting her victims. Clothed all in black, some even claim her eyes glow.

The protectors are about to discover the truth behind the stories. A list of names connected to the sinister Grenich Corporation and a massacre at a nightclub puts them on a collision course with the mysterious woman, known only as Blitz. Hers is a tale of revenge and death, of blood and violence. She holds the answer to the mystery of the glowing-eyes. Will the protectors survive their inevitable encounter with the wrathful woman?


“Haunted by the Keres”

Haunted by the Keres

A brutal attack on the rebel Lair signifies an escalation in the war against Grenich. The guardians strict policy of neutrality means the shape shifters must reforge old alliances with other species. However, the blood feuds between the two different species are not easily forgotten.

Meanwhile, the Four try to figure out a way to strike at Set. A question looms over them: can experiments learn how to be protectors, even when it goes against all their instincts? The answer could determine the outcome of the war against Grenich.

All covers designed by Najla Qamber Designs (

The reboot will be released on October 31st. The series is going to be released through Snowy Wings Publishing. All professionally edited and with new material, bringing you deeper into the worlds of the shape shifters and guardians.

I can’t wait to bring readers back to the worlds of these two groups!

Thank you everyone!

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Cover Reveal Announcement

Hi everyone!

I’ve been hard at work lately on my series reboot. Sere from the Green is already with the editor and Through Storm and Night is coming along beautifully. I cannot wait for readers to dive right back into the world. I think you’re all going to really love the revised text. It’s so polished and clean and my voice comes through clearly 🙂

So, the reboot will be released in the late summer (all four books will be re-released at once). However, there is going to be a cover release in June. My cover artist, Najla Qambar of Najla Qambar Designs has designed the most gorgeous covers. She has brought the Four to life and I could not be more pleased with her work.

The cover reveal is happening on June 14th and I could really use some help getting the word out. So if anyone is interested in helping reveal some badass women, Snowy Wings Publishing has a sign up sheet:

Shape Shifter Chronicles Reboot Cover Reveal Sign Up

I hope some of you will sign up and I’m so excited to get everyone’s reactions! 😀

Thank you, readers!

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Cover Reveal For Book Five

The day is finally here! The big reveal of book five’s cover. Without further ado, here’s the cover of The Dwelling of Ekhidna:


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00014]

Look! It’s Blitz! 😀

Special thanks to Najla Qamber of Najla Qamber Designs ( for designing this extraordinary cover. I could not be happier with the result.

The Dwelling of Ekhidna will be out in eBook on January 31st with the paperback to be released shortly after. It’s published through Snowy Wings Publishing.

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Cover Reveal Announcement


Hello all!

The release date of The Dwelling of Ekhidna is fast approaching. I cannot wait to get readers reactions to this newest adventure.

In order to help get the word out, Snowy Wings is going to do a cover reveal. We’re asking for bloggers and readers to sign up for the reveal: cover reveal link

I’m super excited and I hope you are as well! If you can help with the cover reveal, I would be so incredibly grateful. If you can’t, please stay tuned. The Four are in for a wild ride 😀


Snowy Wings, my publisher, has also recently announced the start of the Snow Angels Street Team, which will help get the word out about new book releases. Snow Angels will get advanced reader copies, first looks, and other goodies. Sign up begins on January 1st.

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When Allos Screw Up

I returned home today from my best friend’s house. I spend the holidays with her and her polycule because they’re awesome people who I absolutely adore. I use the brief vacation to bask in the feeling of safety unique to their house and get a decent amount of writing done.

There are times when I wish I could spend holidays with my nuclear family, however it has been made abundantly clear that I am not and never will be safe in this house around certain relations. You see, I’m a proudly and openly aromantic asexual woman, a feminist with a colorful vocabulary, and an adoptee.

And Dad’s side of the family fucking HATES that! It started with threats, bullying, and escalated to cyber harassment and suggestions of violence. And those not involved in the feud, looked the other way. Even when I was crying for help and shouting, “I don’t feel safe! They are crossing my boundaries and that’s not right!”

I was greeted with silence and the message was clear: you’re unnatural, you have no rights. Their straight tears and feelings matter more than your sense of safety and your boundaries. They’re human, you’re not.

This ties into what this blog is about: when allos completely fuck up portrayals of asexuality. Because I feel there’s this insidious indifference to the harm it does to actual asexual people. I get the sense most allo authors just shrug and go, “Meh, whoopsie” and then move on. Or they go on the defensive and cry freedom of speech.

And most allo readers just kind of let them get away with it. Because that’s the acceptable thing to do. Because conflict is so uncomfortable and icky. And it’s not like it was intentional, right?

But I’m getting ahead of myself just a bit.

On the bus ride home, I was flipping about my Twitter and I noticed one person who I follow writing about a book she had just finished reading that revolved around killing the sole aro-ace character because she had turned into an evil monster. The book ended with two allo characters gleefully planning their wedding now that the evil monster had been defeated.

That book, Clariel by Garth Nix (note: the sequel to this novel, Goldenhand, involves the allo heroes planning their wedding after slaying the monster), frequently turns up on lists of books with “good ace representation” because most of those lists seem to be made up by people whose idea of good representation is “hey this character isn’t overtly sexual” or AVEN followers who care more about allies than actual aces.

If that sounds bitter and makes you feel defensive let me explain: I am in pain. Most aces are in pain.

Allo indifference fucking hurts. The fact that you can make a career on a hill of bodies of asexuals is despicable. We’re more than cannon fodder. We’re not monstrous. We’re not evil or twisted or cold.

We’re goddamn human beings! We have feelings and we experience love. And, like everyone else, we look for ourselves in the media we consume.

And what do we get?

Monsters. Killers. Villains. Things that need to be defeated, conquered, buried and forgotten. Creatures to be murdered, shunned. The evil threatening the heroes of the story.

Imagine a young asexual reader picking up Nix’s series and seeing themself for the first time. Imagine that small spark of hope that maybe, just maybe, they aren’t broken.

Only to see that representation turn into a monster, one that is slaughtered so other characters can have their happily ever after.

Because people like that reader don’t deserve any kind of happy ending.

Allo authors are allowed to write terrible portrayals of asexuality because that’s the acceptable narrative in our society. But what about those of us harmed by those narratives?

Let me tell you something, that acceptable narrative? Yeah, it says it’s perfectly fine to dehumanize someone like me. It reinforces the idea that it’s perfectly okay to enact cruelty on aces in real life, it’s fine to shun them because they’re “weird.”

Suddenly it’s acceptable to chase them out of their own house because you don’t one of those creatures in your family. Because that’s how every single goddamn narrative we’ve grown up with has painted asexual people like me. It’s the reason why so many of us were in the closet for so long, why so many of us are still in the closet.

It’s why so many of us grew up feeling broken, crying to ourselves when we were sure no one could hear us. It’s why so many of us remained invisible for so long.

You’ll excuse me if I have absolutely no interest in allo feelings or their moaning about creative freedom. They are literally making money off asexual invisibility and taking advantage of their ace fans, then turning around and telling them they have no place in the world. That they’re unnatural, monstrous, villains, undeserving of a happy ending.

And that is seriously fucked up.

— Signed: an ace author who is seriously 100% done with allo bullshit

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