Sere from the Green (Vol. 1)

Sere from the Green
(Shape Shifter Chronicles Vol. 1)

Written by Lauren Jankowski

“This was a very unique book and I really enjoyed it, now my main question is when does the next one come out! It left me wanting more, Love it!” Toni Sweatman, Amazon Review

Sere from the Green (Shape Shifter Chronicles) (Volume 1)

Sere from the Green (Shape Shifter Chronicles) (Volume 1)

Isis is a normal woman living a normal life in a normal world. She is a photojournalist in a small city where practically nothing happens. One night, she photographs the scene of a gruesome murder. A woman is found dead in an abandoned factory. On the wall there is a strange symbol painted in blood. Isis photographs the scene. The next day, all evidence of the crime has vanished from her pictures and no one seems to have heard of any murder taking place. Isis proceeds to investigate and is soon drawn into the world of shape shifters and guardians. Secrets and mysteries are common place in this strange world. As Isis finds answers about her own mysterious past, she also finds more questions. What is happening to the people that vanish without a trace? Who is watching her from the shadows? And what exactly is the key that everyone seems willing to kill for?

Purchase the paperback for $9.90 and Kindle version for $3.99 via Amazon. Thank you so much for the support.

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