Through Storm and Night (Vol. 2)

Through Storm and Night (The Shape Shifter Chronicles Vo1. 2)
By Lauren Jankowski

I’ve never really read fantasy or science fiction books. So when reading the first book, I thought at first it would be hard to get into, but it sucked me in immediately, and when I was finished, I immediately wanted the second one. Now that I’ve finished this one, I have to WAIT for the third…. Great book, great plot, and easy enough to follow for a first time reader of this genre! ” -Christine M Alfred, Amazon Reviewer

Through Storm and Night (The Shape Shifter Chronicles) (Volume 2)

Through Storm and Night (The Shape Shifter Chronicles) (Volume 2)

The Meadows is home to the guardians, a race of beings similar to the deities in ancient mythology. They watch over the Earth from their serene lands like the gods on Mount Olympus. For millennia, it has been peaceful. However, in the beginning, there was a great war. A war with Chaos: a war that is still remembered in the legends of guardians and shape shifters.

More than five months have passed since Isis, a shape shifter/guardian hybrid and member of the prophesied Four, last saw Coop. The Four are still no closer to finding the Key and their search has yielded nothing but more questions. The sudden and unexpected return of a face from the past, one long believed dead, plunges them even deeper into the mystery of the Key. Meanwhile, a powerful enemy begins toying with them. Who are the strange, scentless men in suits who can move impossibly fast? Who are the strange shape shifters known only as “the glowing-eyes” and what connection do they have to the vanishing bodies?

The answers may be found in the stories about the War of the Meadows, but a small oversight in the legends may prove to be the shape shifters’ undoing.

Purchase the paperback for $11.27 and Kindle version for $3.99 via Amazon. Thank you so much for the support.

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